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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The series begins with a rather dark background-six years ago was caught a dangerous killer, who managed to send to his detention to the light a few dozen people. His signature "handwriting" was missing from the victims eyelids that the villain cut after the murder. One of his victims all this time was considered the main character of the series – a girl named Emily, who worked in the FBI. She disappeared shortly before the arrest of the murderer, who never told investigators where the body of Emily... six years Later the widowed heroine, who had already successfully married, got a mysterious call. The source stunned the man, telling him that his dead wife... alive! Moreover, he gave him the exact address where Emily could be found. The agents who arrived to the specified address really found the missing colleague there. When she was brought to the hospital – Emily was found in a rather specific conditions that affected her health-it turned out that she had amnesia. The last thing she remembers is the day of the kidnapping. And the biggest shock for the heroine is the fact that her husband is already a wife to another girl. But gradually, the events are twisted so much that to others it becomes obvious that Emily is not a victim, and a potential criminal. Is that really the case?