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Original Title: A Young Doctor's Notebook
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: Sky Arts
Creators: Kenton Allen
Language: English
Description: Chester's mill, a small American town in Maine, one is isolated from the rest of the world by an invisible barrier, do not let anything alive. It is like a dome that covers the city and its surroundings. An invisible wall appears at one moment, you can't see it, and in the early hours of this leads to terrible tragedies: when faced with a barrier, killing the local small plane, get in an accident cars. nLearning about the incident, the authorities sent to help residents and troops. But even a direct hit by a missile could not cause harm to the strange barrier. It turns out that it affects electronic devices. Sheriff Perkins dies due to the fact that his chest exploding pacemaker when he comes close to the wall of the dome. nIn Chester's mill starts to panic. People are scared of what happened and I'm afraid that from-for covered the city dome, they they will die from choking. As it turned out, the air barrier leak, and death from suffocation the inhabitants of the town is not threatened. nWhen people have a free hand and there is no law restraining them, very easy to cross the fine line separating a reasonable person from an animal. In trapped in the city, there were those who immediately crossed this line – James Rennie, or Big Jim, the Councilman and his son. Taking advantage of the panic and confusion that reigns in the city, they take power into their own hands. Rennie was involved in the drug production and begin to eliminate all the unwanted and those who know about his crimes. nAfter the accidental destruction of the water tower in Chester's mill, and chaos reigns. People Rob stores, stocking up on drinking water. Many become marauders and attack other, taking the food. nin addition to local residents trapped in the city are newcomers. Among them is Dale Barbara, a former military man. He is not without sin (before the advent of the barrier he killed and buried near the city of one of its inhabitants), Barbara becomes the person who is not afraid to speak out against the tyranny of Big Jim and his unstable son.

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