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A Comedy science fiction series from American Director Terry Hughes and writer Aaron Abrams. The main roles were played by John litgow and Kristen Johnston.This is a humorous action-story about a group of funny and positive aliens who are in connection with scientific research are on our planet. To avoid exposure, they are forced to try on the human form, as in his galaxy were like a strange jelly-like creature. The alien company pretends to be an ordinary American family to fit perfectly into a new civilization. The head of the family-smug and arrogant Dr. dick Solomon, who led the entire operation to relocate to Earth. Sally Solomon-Lieutenant, who chose for himself the image of sexy and seductive beauty of middle age. Despite the chosen female incarnation, it preserved and purely masculine features: aggression and powerful physical strength. Tommy Salomon - radioman and signalman, reincarnated into a small boy, resembling hippare from the sixties. Harry Solomon-another member of the alien gang, which is in constant anticipation, discovering new and unexplored side of the human world. The viewer will be delighted with the funny and funny cases that occur with atypical protagonists. Throughout the course of events, they will study people and draw certain conclusions about what we really are and what we can learn.