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In the center of the plot of the Comedy series"Studio 30" is a team of film crew, writers and actors of a popular television show. Things like doing well, but one day the boss decides to bring on the show novice-head. It becomes Jack Donaghy,who, according to new colleagues, does not think anything in television. And then Jack still leads the new"star", who plans to displace and overshadow the other actors. Of course, on this basis begin disagreements and squabbles.In the end, the old members of the Studio hate the boss, he reciprocates. Come by decree Donaghy comedian tries to fight back the writers, and the rest don't care about anything. Chaos in the pure, but show need to as something to do.In total, during the broadcast of this series (from 2006 to 2013), about 6 seasons were released, in each of which we witness hilarious adventures and various curious situations that accompany the main actors in the course of the film. The sea of positive and cheerfulness for the whole day is guaranteed!