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  • Drama
The life of a young teacher Epping began to crumble. It all started at the moment when his marriage with his beloved wife cracked - the woman filed for divorce. Now he does not feel confident in the future. However, the hero of the fantastic series "11/22/63" - English teacher-continues to go to work, passing their knowledge to the younger generation. After another working day, he goes to his older friend al, who keeps his own diner next to his house. For a friend Jake notices certain oddities-he is especially excited today, and his speech is chaotic and incoherent. Then email the guy offers to go in his closet, there to look around. Not knowing what was happening, he agrees and goes inside, closing the door behind him... A moment later he was lying on the street covered in dust. Shaking himself off, Jake notices that everything looks as if he was in the middle of the last century - unusual outfits of passers-by, retro cars amaze his imagination. A few minutes later, he again finds himself in the living room of his friend al, who reveals all the cards-just his guest visited in 1960, because his pantry is a kind of time machine. The man makes the hero an ambiguous proposal-to return to the past again to live there for several years and prevent the murder of the 35th us President. The prospect of spending three years in the "lamp past" looks quite tempting, so he agrees, not even suspecting that interference in the usual course of things will provoke a number of inexplicable and mystical events...