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Original Title: All About the Money
  • Genres:
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Comedy
Language: English
Description: The central characters are a dynamic extremely topical comedy films - the trio of close friends, a friendship that lasts most of their lives. Each of the three children from an early age dreamed of fame, wealth and serene life full of hedonistic pleasures. However, their teenage dreams crashed on a steep cliff harsh reality. After all, in real life, you can rely only on itself, and the money earned by a responsible attitude to their work, discipline and hard work. Having entered into a new phase of growing up, one of the company chose the profession of a Salesman, the second became the ordinary car mechanic, and the third - inconspicuous clerk. All of them now and then complain about the boring monotonous routine, are far removed from their children's ideas about a brilliant and prosperous future. One day, finding no other way pitch tired of monotonous work, the characters take a firm decision to go on a little trip to unwind and "let off steam". They move confidently towards the unknown in the "third world" country. After some reflection, my friends still choose the desired route. They are going to spend some time in Colombia, in the society beauties available. Their modest desires reels include all the local bars, casual relationships, and as many adventures, in a bid to switch and for a moment forget about the hustle and disappointment. Immediately after his arrival in Colombia, chronic losers suddenly smiles luck - they have a real chance to establish the financial position. As it turned out, the whole country has thrown all forces to search for the venerable drug lord, who is currently in hiding. American law enforcement officers promise to pay a pretty penny to those who manage to bring them on the trail of an elusive criminal. For the governments of the information is going to pay the lucky fabulous rewards - as much as twenty-five million dollars. Now some of our heroes to fight back and do not miss your lucky ticket to brilliant life ...

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